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Jewel of the day: Rosantica Saturno Pearl Arm Cuff

One of the nice things about jewellery is that it isn’t generally all that specific to the size of your body (or lack of same). Sure, some large pieces may look better on a taller or larger person, and vice versa. But you don’t really have to think of your actual weight when buying most accessories of the jewellery kind.

Enter the arm cuff. Specifically, the upper arm cuff. Upper arms, like thighs, are generally not a woman’s favourite body area in terms of fitness, fat, etc. Oh sure, you have your obsessive Michelle Obama workout types but for most of us, sleeves are a girl’s best friend as she ages.

Soooooo… I’m not sure I am the target audience for this arm cuff, by Rosantica. This brass upper arm bangle type bracelet is available at Net-A-Porter for USD $138, and is made of brass and fresh water pearls. On the plus side, I guess, if it doesn’t go all the way up your arm, it can still function as a …. bracelet. I won’t tell.

Rosantica arm cuff


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