Jewel of the day: Amanda Marmer’s Diamond Drop Golden Nail

It’s hard to argue with finding a new spot on the body to adorn with gold and diamonds. In this case, that would be the fingernail. (Though Diamond Drop Golden Nail sounds like an award for carpenters or woodworkers…)

This finger adornment by Amanda Marmer is meant to slip over the nail with a gold ring and diamond set drop over the top part of the finger. Yeah, that’s my technical term for it. Marmer’s artist statement captures the spirit of this piece: refined luxury jewelry with an elegant wild side. Inspired 14K gold pieces with gorgeous gem accents highlight the timeless design of each treasure, while Amanda’s signature edge captivates with intrigue and flair. Each piece aspires to define the liberating moment when one first discovers the beauty of self. Amanda strikes a balance between current trends and timeless style.

Should your toes feel left out, there are also rings available. This particular piece can also be ordered in white or rose gold and the drops come in different designs at varying price points. It’s made with 14k yellow gold, accented with .08 of diamonds and sells for USD $580.

Amanda Marmer Diamond Drop Golden Nail


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