Jewel of the day: Mags Bonham Iconic Purse Necklace

Is it utterly meta to wear a necklace made of purse charms? Like accessories cannibalizing accessories?

This quirky necklace by Etsy seller Mags Bonham renders well-known bag designs in polymer clay and lets you display your love of accessories… as an accessory. See. Meta.

Bonham explains, “This necklace is part of a group of work made for the Invitational Exhibit at the Synergy Conference held in 2010 by the International Polymer Clay Guild. The theme was ‘Connections’ and I chose to examine the connection that women have with their purses.This piece has been featured on Polymer Clay Daily and Art Jewelry Magazine Blogs.

This necklace features hand-sculpted charms based on some of the most iconic purses in recent history. Polymer transfers and finely sculpted details make most of the purses easily recognizable. But just in case you are not sure, they are (clockwise from top right): Kate Spade, Burberry, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Kathleen Dustin (polymer icon), Coach(personal favorite), Bottega Veneta (personal favorite), Prada, Gucci, and Vera Bradley.

This piece was defiantly a labor of love and should be priceless. But everything – and everyone – has its price, so here it is. This piece is somewhat more fragile than the rest of my work, but I will repair or replace the charms as needed. Necklace length can be sized to fit.”

This sells for $626.49.

Etsy bag necklace



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