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Jewel of the day: Pamela Love Rocks Bracelet for Rodebjer

This collaboration by Pamela Love and Rodebjer is available in brass and pyrite or quartz (shown here with pyrite).

The site notes, “The Rocks Cuff bracelet is an exclusive design for this collaboration. The cuff combines a sharp and clean shape with natural roughness. The juxtaposition of raw and finished features throughout the upcoming Spring Summer 2015 collection. This cuff is made of brass and pyrite. It is also available in a combination of brass and Quartz Druzy. Each piece of jewelry is hand made at the Pamela Love studio in New York City. Brass naturally oxidizes through contact with oxygen in the air, and by human touch. This process quickly gives the jewelry a patina that we love. You can wear it rough and unpolished, or you can use a brass polish cloth for more shine.”

The piece sells for €440.

Rodebjer Pamela Love Cuff


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One thought on “Jewel of the day: Pamela Love Rocks Bracelet for Rodebjer

  1. I have definitely never come across a bracelet like this before. This is pretty! I wish my local Jewelry Store would carry something like this!

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