Jewel of the day: Buccellati Hawaii Long Necklace

The “Hawaii” designs are the star of the current Buccellati advertising campaign. Their site notes, “Launched in the 30’s by Buccellati, this design is a cascade of tiny gold circles with a milled surface that plays with light and movement. Each 0.6 millimeter circle is welded by hand to create a mobile maze inspired by the Hawaiian welcoming garland. The gold plate wraps upon itself to create an elegant movement. Little circles are forged from this thread and their union creates the soft Buccellati maze. Its movement produces the enchanting jingle of gold.”

I can agree that the sound of gold jingling can be very enchanting. The design is available in a number of iterations (other necklaces, bracelets, earring, etc.) Pricing information is not given.

Buccellati Hawaii long necklace


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