Jewel of the day: Vrai and Oro Diamond Stacking Ring Pair

Vrai and Oro’s schtick is affordable jewelry without exorbitant markups.

They explain, “Vrai & Oro means truth (in French) and gold (in Spanish and Italian). Our philosophy is about creating for quality, being inspired by simplicity, and embodying transparency. Instead of focusing on trends, we offer simple, delicate pieces that can be worn every day. Fashion shouldn’t be disposable; we create for everlasting style. Traditionally, fine jewelry is often marked up 8-10x by the time it reaches the consumer – but we like to question traditions. Why not simplify the process, cut out the middlemen, and create a way to make owning fine jewelry more attainable? Meet Vrai & Oro. High quality fine jewelry, without the retail markups.”

Here, they offer a pair of diamond stacking rings (they are big on stacking); two square cut diamonds – one black and one white – set in 14k yellow gold. They sell for USD $430.

Vrai and Oro Stacking Rings


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