Jewel of the day: Outlaw Atelier Linked Bracelet

I always post pieces like this against my better judgment. Not that this bracelet from the Linked collection by Outlaw Atelier isn’t stunning and unique, but because there is such a paucity of information on their irritating web site.

You can see lots of pretty pictures, and this extensively written “about” section: Outlaw Atelier is known for it’s romantic, rebellious and chic approach to what most clients describe as “highly collectible.” Worn by celebrities, fashionistas, and outlaws alike, the unique designs and diverse use of materials distinguish each creation.  Volcanic lava, fine gems, and leather …to name a few; are often paired with antique, vintage and “found” objects discovered in remote places around the world and, sometimes, around the corner. A quest to unite spiritual and visual beauty has inspired cherished relationships with skilled artisans who handcraft extraordinary elements for many Outlaw Atelier designs. It is just another facet of Outlaw Atelier that weaves its richly textured story and heartfelt sense of community into each sumptuous treasure.

Outlaw Atelier officially launched in 2015, but its persona was fashioned alongside its founder, Ilene. Whether to adorn her hair with an unusual twig uncovered on the way to school, or construct long jeweled necklaces out of paper, glue and glitter; even as a child, Ilene set trends—always resisting established rules—always a true outlaw…  Her passion for design stems from an insatiable curiosity for the detail that makes something special. The patina reveals a story and Ilene is eager to write its next chapter.

The vision to create fine jewelry arose simply to fill a void in an otherwise crowded market that somehow overlooked what Ilene and her friends longed for.  Jewelry that spoke to them and about them—and at once, was unexpected, luxurious— often mischievous, even bold—yet simple and refined.

So began the story of Outlaw Atelier and its very own rebel—with a cause… The journey comes full circle through the iconic new brand: Outlaw Atelier—finding the “twigs” of today, and constructing exquisite jeweled necklaces, bracelets and other precious adornments to arouse, evoke and enchant the Outlaw within all of us—one gemstone at a time.

For the Outlaw within…”

However, if you actually want to find out more about their jewelry, say the stone or metal composition and weight or pesky little things like pricing, you’re out of luck. Online, at any rate. You can contact them here.

Outlaw Atelier Linked Bracelet


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