Jewel of the day: Dirty Librarian Chains Book Locket Bracelet

This quirky and cute bracelet is a rescue, made with vintage components by Dirty Librarian Chains. (More about that name in a second.)

The site explains, “Book locket charm bracelet with a pearl and mini chain tassel. The 1960’s book locket make a perfect compartment for sweet notes, magic or anything else you can fit in there. Bracelet closes with a silver toggle clasp.

Major components for this piece are vintage pieces that were rescued from shuttered jewelry factories in the North East United States.

All vintage components are carefully hand selected and cleaned before they are transformed into Dirty Librarian Chains.

Bracelets are packaged in a special DLC jewelry box and are secured onto a printed book card. Sheets of vintage dictionary pages protect the jewelry during transit. An authenticity card is also included. All DLC jewelry is made by hand in our Brooklyn studio and usually ships within 2-3 business days. Length: 7.5 inches.”

Oh, and about the name? “What’s in a name?  Dirty Librarian Chains got your attention?  Designer Susan Domelsmith was originally nicknamed the “Dirty Librarian” because of her look – cat eye glasses, a bun and vintage blouses.  The librarian theme fits well with the vintage aesthetic of the collection, and several lookbook shoots have been staged within the grand libraries of NYC.  Domelsmith supports libraries and literacy locally and throughout the US through her charitable work raising funds for libraries as well as by working with Literacy for Incarcerated Teens.  DLC displays and packaging are also tailored to the theme by repurposing vintage encyclopedias.”

This piece sells for USD $100.

Dirty Librarian Chains Book Locket Bracelet


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