Jewel of the day: Liven Company Royal Cuff

This bracelet has impact and glitter but because it’s delicate looking, it is also very wearable on a daily basis. By Liven Company, it comes in 14k yellow, white or rose gold, with hand set diamonds.

The company notes,L I V E N is a contemporary fine jewelry line that is both fashionably fresh and classically timeless. Each piece is designed with the concept of refined wearability, making it the ultimate every day luxury. Combining innovation with artistry, the collection ranges from delicate pieces that feature clean lines and fine feminine details to bold, stunning, one of a kind beauties. Based in Los Angeles, L I V E N is coveted by celebrities and stylists alike for its dedication to quality and its signature style that fuses fashionably forward designs with a sophisticated edge.”

This sells for USD$3,250.

Liven Company Royal Cuff


2 thoughts on “Jewel of the day: Liven Company Royal Cuff

  1. This bracelet may at first appear “wearable.” However, when you factor in the need to open/tighten and re-shape each time it is worn, you’ll quickly notice stones falling out. This is common to many bracelets of this sort. Yossi Harari does a corset cuff with the same problem. If you don’t mind replacing diamonds once in a while, go for it.

  2. Cuffs like that don’t necessarily have to be squeezed to fit at the wrist; you can wear it higher on the arm and it sits pretty nicely, in my experience. Also more comfortable.

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