Jewel of the day: Andrea Williams Siren’s Song Ring

There is something wonderfully tactile about this ring crafted in stone, gold inlay and sterling silver (inside the “shank”) by Andrea Williams and offered by Facere Jewelry Art Gallery in Seattle. Designing under the name Bound Earth, Williams explains, “Andrea created Bound Earth out of her belief that jewelry should not be worn as a status symbol, but should instead bring us closer to the earth that birthed the materials. Her popular beach stone jewelry designs are shown in galleries across the US and new designs are introduced often.

Her artist’s statement notes, “Growing up in Maine, I spent my summers sailing the coast, exploring it’s forests, rugged islands, and tidal pools. By age six I could recognize most native plants and animals and was forever fascinated with the limitless variety nature provides.

I live in the woods. I stack rocks for fun. I hunt for wild mushrooms. I keep bees. I spend summer days gardening. I find beauty in improbable places.

My jewelry is an expression of the wonder I sense in the overlooked intricacies in nature. When we see stones in infinite numbers underfoot at the beach, we cannot help but to miss the unique perfection in each. I use reclaimed precious metals in conjunction with seemingly ordinary organic materials to capture that sense of wonder in each piece. A wearable reminder of the beauty too easily overlooked.”

This ring is available from Facere for USD$753.

Andrea Williams Sirens Song Ring


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