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Jewel of the day: Lizzie Fortunato Turquoise Riad Necklace

You know it’s fall when the statement jewellery starts to emerge. This necklace by Lizzie Fortunato blends a bit of hippie chic with some Middle Eastern vibes. Very Talitha Getty.

The designers describe it as, “Gold-plated brass multi-strand long necklace with peacock-colored pearls, turquoise, moonstone and iolite beads, assorted pearl charms and pearl and labradorite semiprecious stone detail.” It hangs 15 inches at its longest point, and sells for USD$990.

Lizzie Fortunato Turquoise Riad Necklace



Jewel of the day: Aurelie Bidermann Bianca Hoop Earrings

I don’t know if these earrings by Aurelie Bidermann are intended as a quiet homage to Bianca Jagger but they certainly evoke the early 80s. I tend to think of Jagger as being in her heyday in the 70s, so perhaps not…

These are, however, big and bold. And gold – ish… likely plated. In its charming French way, website Colette describes them merely as “golden metal, silver and golden mirror. Size: XL” Yes, indeed. They are large.

These sell for €450.

Aurelie Bidermann earrings

Jewel of the day: ShopDesignSpark Sterling and Lapis Ring Bracelet

So hand jewellery is kind of a thing lately. ShopDesignSpark calls this a ring bracelet, and offers it with a few different stone options. This one comes in lapis set in sterling silver and is indeed a ring with a bracelet. It’s gold plated on sterling and the nice thing is that because the chain basically “sits” behind your finger, it doesn’t need to be sized as a (real) ring would be.

This sells for USD$60. Rock the casbah, baby.

ShopDesignSpark Ring bracelet

Jewel of the day: Nikos Koulis Sapphire and Diamond Earrings

So here you go – sapphires and that 80s trend in one look. These earrings by Nikos Koulis (which give me a Ziggy Stardust vibe) feature a grid of sapphires (1.88 carats total weight) set in 18k white gold, and accented with .41 carats of white diamonds.

They measure approximately 1.3″L x 0.5″W, and sell for USD$7,240 at Bergdorf Goodman. You can read more about Athens-based Koulis here.

Nikos Koulis sapphire and diamnd earrngs

Jewel of the day: Sherman red cuff bracelets

Although there were many masterful costume jewellery designers, in my opinion, none did glitzy and well-made better than Gustave Sherman. These three red cuff bracelets are a case in point. The rigid cuffs were only ever designed and made by Sherman and they stand the test of time. Set with Swarovski crystals, in japanned, rhodium plated or gold plated metals, they are decades old and sparkle with a just-new glitter.

If you want to see more of Sherman’s artistry, try the book Sherman Jewellery: The Masterpiece Collection. (Yes, that is a shameless plug.)

Sherman red cuff bracelets


Jewel of the day: Balmain Gold-Tone Metal Bib Front Necklace

A lot of fall 2015 was apparently inspired by the oversized and outrageous proportions of the 1980s. While I recall the somewhat unwieldy earrings (my husband used to call them ear plates) can’t say I remember something like this. But who knows … so much of that era is a fog.

Balmain offers this and counsels the buyer to style it this way: perfect with a velvet jacket and leather biker pants. Because … fringe. And biker pants. (No, I wouldn’t have thought of this pairing either.)

This will set you back USD$2,290. Outfit and chutzpah needed to carry it off additional.

Balmain metal bib

Jewel of the day: Christies Sapphire and Diamond Necklace

Fall is the start of the opulent jewel auctions that take place around the world. September’s birthstone is the sapphire. This necklace was auctioned last November by Christies. It is described as, “A SPECTACULAR SAPPHIRE AND DIAMOND NECKLACE. Centering upon a cushion-shaped sapphire, weighing approximately 392.52 carats, suspending a brilliant-cut diamond tassel pendant with oval-shaped diamond terminals, to the brilliant-cut diamond neckchain, mounted in gold, 45.0 cm
Accompanied by report no. 72359 dated 2 September 2014 from the SSEF Swiss Gemmological Institute stating that the sapphire is of Ceylon origin, with no indications of heating, and a Premium Appendix stating that the sapphire ‘.. possesses extraordinary characterists and merits special mention and appreciation’.

Report no. 14090018 dated 11 September 2014 from the Gübelin GemLab Institute stating that the sapphire is of Ceylon origin, with no indications of heating, an information sheet on ‘Unheated sapphires’ and an appendix stating that the sapphire ‘ one of the largest faceted sapphires the Gübelin Gem lab has seen to date and possesses a combination of oustanding characteristics’.”

The pre-sale auction estimate was CHF6,650,000 – CHF9,500,000 ($6,919,830 – $9,885,471). The selling price quite a bit higher, at CHF16,965,000 ($17,564,156). Sure is pretty to look at, though.

Christies sapphire diamond necklace

Jewel of the day: MG Artisan Pendants Autumn Necklace

Welcome to the first official day of fall, aka the autumnal equinox (if you are in the northern hemisphere … to the rest of you, how fast can I get to where you are??). It’s not that I dislike fall, per se. It’s just that I really hate what comes next. As the song Autumn Leaves notes, “Since you went away the days grow long, And soon I’ll hear old winter’s song, But I miss you most of all my darling, When autumn leaves start to fall.” The singer is thinking of a past lover. I’m just missing summer.

But for those who celebrate the seasonal change, what better piece of jewellery than this pendant that uses that most iconic of emblems, the red leaves of fall?

From Etsy seller MG Artisan Pendants, it features a print of leaves under an epoxy resin; handmade. It costs a modest USD$13.45.

MGArtisan Pendants autumn necklace


Jewel of the day: BaubleBar Optimus Chain Ring

Web sites like BaubleBar are great for trying out a style or a look to which you don’t know if you’d want to commit real jewellery money. To wit: this double ring, dubbed Optimus Chain, in 14k gold plated metal accented with glass crystals. If you hate it, you would only have ventured USD$48 for one uncomfortably fashionable day.

Optimus Chain Ring 1

Optimus Chain ring 2

Jewel of the day: Lisa Smart Pendant Necklace by Cuff

As wearable technology becomes both more, well, wearable and useful, expect to see a lot more of it masquerading as jewellery. This pendant, the Lisa Smart necklace by Cuff, is actually a security device that connects you to self-chosen people in your network at the press of the centre button. (There are also bracelet options.)

The seller’s site notes, “Always be connected in case of emergency. With one press of your CUFF, you can alert your selected CUFF network and let them know you need help. They will receive your location, prompts on how to get you the help you need, and, coming soon, live streaming audio of what is happening at the scene.

Be available. Always. To those you need you most. In addition to keeping you safe, CUFF keeps you notified. Imagine being able to put your phone away during your meeting, or at dinner, but still being available if someone really needed you. CUFF makes that possible. It also puts you in control. You decide who can break through and make your CUFF jewelry vibrate.”

This startup item sells for USD$125 from Amazon.

Cuff pendant

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