Jewel of the day: Vega Maddux Necklace

I feel very fortunate to have two Vega Maddux pieces (her name is also sometimes spelled Maddox), a stunning necklace and some rather massive earrings (too big to actually wear, but I love having them). My pieces can be seen here, and there is some background info on her in this link as well.

This piece is offered by Earthly Adornments, and I encourage you to browse through their fabulous site.

Maddux made pieces of extraordinary complexity and wild design, enamelled and set with semi-precious stones in what looks like a coin silver.

Earthly Adornments notes about this one, “This necklace features a circular carved and pierced nephrite jade disk with moth design in the center of the large main pendant Surrounding the nephrite disk are a multitude of vermeil bezel-set stones of amethyst, green aventurine and citrine. There are 15 green aventurine, 12 amethyst and 12 citrine stones in all. This magnificent piece has a silver metal backing with sterling silver and sterling silver vermeil metal work in the front. The large pendant with the 5 dangles measures 8×4 inches. and the entire lavalier hangs 10 inches. The necklace circumference is 24 inches.

Vega signed some of her pieces, many were not signed. This piece is not signed but is most definitely a Vega Maddux creation.”

It sells for USD$1,850.

Vega Maddux necklace



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