Emmy Awards 2015 Red Carpet – this might be a first

So I’ve been scanning photos of the celebs and wannabes walking the red carpet for the 2015 Emmy Awards. Lots and lots (and lots) of photos. Nothing egregiously awful in the way of fashion. (ETA: oh Heidi Klum…why?) But ….. no jewellery to speak of. Oh, maybe a pair of earrings and a very tasteful bracelet or two. The engagement ring in your face/photo with an, “Oh, this huge bauble?” faux humility. But … that’s pretty much it.

No fantastic bling.

Nada. Zilch, Nothing.

Lotsa cleavage and weird necklines that apparently flummoxed stylists right out of putting anything else on.  Emmy Awards 2015 = jewel free zone.


So here, for your viewing pleasure, is the test card. It’s the most colourful yet thematic thing I could think of in place of the dearth of Emmy jewels.



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