Jewel of the day: Lisa Smart Pendant Necklace by Cuff

As wearable technology becomes both more, well, wearable and useful, expect to see a lot more of it masquerading as jewellery. This pendant, the Lisa Smart necklace by Cuff, is actually a security device that connects you to self-chosen people in your network at the press of the centre button. (There are also bracelet options.)

The seller’s site notes, “Always be connected in case of emergency. With one press of your CUFF, you can alert your selected CUFF network and let them know you need help. They will receive your location, prompts on how to get you the help you need, and, coming soon, live streaming audio of what is happening at the scene.

Be available. Always. To those you need you most. In addition to keeping you safe, CUFF keeps you notified. Imagine being able to put your phone away during your meeting, or at dinner, but still being available if someone really needed you. CUFF makes that possible. It also puts you in control. You decide who can break through and make your CUFF jewelry vibrate.”

This startup item sells for USD$125 from Amazon.

Cuff pendant


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