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Jewel of the day: David Mandel Spider and Web Pins

What better time to go totally over the top than Halloween? I’ve written about this before, but it’s the perfect day to resurrect it.

This gigantic web and spider brooch is part of my collection. The rhinestone studded web measures about 10 inches across, with a four inch spider pin attached with a rhinestone “web” chain. It’s truly spooktastic, made by David Mandel under his The Show Must Go On label. His pieces are known for being deliciously over the top, but this one goes over the top of the top.

Happy Halloween!



Jewel of the day: Erickson Beamon Duchess of Fabulous Earrings

Further on yesterday’s post regarding duchesses and earrings, herewith some sparkly baubles from Erickson Beamon, fittingly named Duchess of Fabulous (as opposed to my unofficial moniker, Princess of Quite a Lot).

From Charm and Chain, these are made with clear and fuchsia Swarovski crystals and measure an impressive 3 inches long by 1 inch wide. They sell for USD$503. What else to say really but fabulous, darling.

Erickson Beamon Duchess of Fabulous earrings


Jewel of the day: Kate Middleton at State Dinner for China

Strictly speaking this is a jewels of the day post. Kate got to trot out not only a tiara, but bracelets loaned by the Queen from her personal (very personal) collection.

Kate wore the Lotus Flower tiara, previously beloved by the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret, and fitting theme to welcome the Chinese. But perhaps more attention was on her two diamond bracelets. Her left wrist was adorned by Prince Philip’s wedding gift to Elizabeth (also designed by him from jewels owned by his mother), The piece on her right wrist was a 1932 piece made by Garrard and refashioned from a choker worn by Queen Mary to a bracelet redesigned to Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother’s specifications. No word on where the earrings came from, but they added to the overall blinginess of the occasion.

Kate Middleton state banquet

Jewel of the day: Sotheby’s Blue Moon Diamond Ring

Um, wow. There isn’t much that can be said that will adequately capture the beauty of this 12.03 carat blue diamond , to be auctioned by Sotheby’s on November 11 in Geneva. The aptly named Blue Moon Diamond is described by the auction house as, “…a true marvel, proof of the powerful beauty that is created when nature and human ingenuity work together harmoniously. Internally flawless, the Blue Moon has been christened “one of the rarest gems in the world,” and the GIA has declared that its Fancy Vivid hue might be so unique as to be indescribable. This spectacular gem will be offered as a major highlight of Sotheby’s  Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels sale in Geneva on 11 November 2015. ”

The GIA monograph notes, “The rough diamond was purchased at a tender by Cora International from Petra Diamonds, owner of the Cullinan mine. “Nature granted the Blue Moon Diamond with the gifts of stunning colour and form. However, it is the responsibility of man to capitalize on these qualities and bring the diamond’s innermost beauty to full display. The art of cutting allowed for the Blue Moon Diamond’s natural beauty to reach its optimum potential.”

The pre-auction estimate is 34,200,000 — 53,700,000 Swiss francs, or about USD$34,939,697.04-54,861,454.13 plus buyer’s premium. 

Sotheby's Blue Moon Diamond Ring


Jewel of the day: Saint Laurent Cassandre Monogram Cuff

Saint Laurent (or YSL or whatever your preferred moniker is) had a huge hit with their Arty ring, and they are now offering the Cassandre Monogram line, which is the  Y, S and L initials entwined in rings and bracelets. They are available in white, gold and rose gold metal. So even though they deleted the Yves from the brand name, the initial stuck.

This cuff is gold tone brass, and approximately 42mm. It sells for USD$795 at Barneys.

Saint Laurent Cassandre Cuff


Jewel of the day: Swarovski Dorado Necklace

Not long after DeBeers launched its own branded jewellery line, they introduced the Talisman collection, with a mix of finished and rough cut white and yellow/coloured stones. This pendant reminds me of Talisman, but much more affordably rendered by Swarovski in crystal.

Dubbed the Dorado, it comes in two sizes (this is the larger one), and this one sells for USD$199, or CDN$229. It measures 23 5/8 inches long and the pendant is 1 3/4×1 3/4 inches.

Swarovski Dorado Pendant




Jewel of the day: David Yurman Bubblegum Pinky Ring

Who says pinky rings have to either be stuffy family crests, or gaudy mob-inspired atrocities? David Yurman makes them playful with a scented twist – these rings are set with resin infused with the scent of bubblegum, peppermint, grape, liquorice or cotton candy.

This pink ring made of 18k rose gold and set with pink resin infused with fragrance oil is – you guessed it – the bubblegum ring.

These sell for USD$875.

David Yurman Bubblegum Pinky Ring


Jewel of the day: Unode50 Ibiza Bracelet

I had never heard of Unode50 when I found myself passing by a newly opened store. Their site explains, “Founded in Madrid in 1996, UNOde50 was created by a group of designers looking to produce previously unavailable jewellery styles.  Its aim was to break away from trends and with its own philosophy and personality and according to the company, it merges “tradition and modernity” with a “handcrafted spirit that reflects exclusivity through design and quality”.

The brand began with the philosophy of creating 50 units of each design, hence its name.  Over time and due to rising sales, the brand increased production but still retained the name to reflect the quality and exclusivity of each design. Today, the company continues to produce some 50-piece limited edition collections.”

This bracelet is made of plated metal wrapped in leather which fastens with a golden buckle at the back. It’s an interesting design and sells for USD$459.

Uno de 50 Ibiza Bracelet front

Uno de 50 Bracelet Back


Jewel of the day: Walters Faith Fluted Diamond Band

Walters Faith was founded in 2013, and is now available at LAs Roseark. This ring, dubbed the Clive, is a fluted, blackened white gold band accented with diamond-set rose gold.

It sells for USD$4,950.

The designer’s site notes, “Founded in 2013 by designer Mollie Good and her business partner Stephanie Abramow, Walters Faith melds the elegance of timeless jewelry with the principles of modern design. From a young age, Mollie was drawn to jewelry, with a particular interest in rose gold and gemstones, especially the breathtaking brilliance of pure white diamonds. Inspired by everything from classic architecture to the world of modern art, as well the unique milieu of New York City, her pieces are bold yet thoughtfully crafted for effortless sophistication.

She prefers classic pencil sketching to computer-assisted design, affording her a more visceral relationship with her work.  Many pieces feature a hexagon, a design signature derived from the mirror image of the Walters Faith logo, creating a distinct sense of identity, while infusing the collection with a modern geometric appeal.

Formally trained in metalsmithing and design at the University of Michigan and the Gemological Institute of America, Mollie’s notable forays into jewelry-making include turns at Fred Leighton, Kwiat as well as an eponymous collection of fine and bespoke jewelry. Stephanie, a Graduate Gemologist with a business degree from Cornell University also brings a wealth of experience, dedication and industry savvy to the collaboration. Dubbing the collection Walters Faith, a combination of Mollie and Stephanie’s middle names, indicates just how personally and passionately tied they are to each piece.

Walters Faith is designed to make women feel confident and beautiful. These substantial, timeless creations are a synthesis of bold & fine. With its deceptively simple settings and exquisite details, the collection creates an appeal that all women can appreciate.

Walters Faith Fluted Diamond Band

Jewel of the day: Boucheron Nuri the Cockatoo Pendant

I am guessing that if you have money to burn on jewelry, you are exactly the target audience for this pendant by Boucheron. Once you’ve bought your important diamonds/stones, iconic designer and statement pieces, but you still crave a little something something, well, a cockatoo pendant looks awfully good.

I think it’s adorable – two 18k rose gold birds set with tsavorites, diamonds and sapphires nestling on a little gold swing. There is a decent stone weight in this piece: orange sapphires totalling 0.61 carats; yellow sapphires weighing 0.42 carats; pink sapphires weighing 0.29 total carats; tsavorites at 0.45 total carats; with what looks like a single cut white diamond of .01 carats as one bird’s eye.

It sells for USD$11,700, thus bringing me back to my original point. If I had $12k to spend on jewelry, I’m thinking of a few other things I’d be looking at before this, pretty as it is.

Boucheron Nuri the Cockatoo Pendant

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