Jewel of the day: Linda Lee Jewels Freshwater Pearl Necklace and Earrings

Linda Lee Jewels is the brainchild of Linda Zunenshine. Based in Montreal, Zunenshine started her company in August 2012. She explains, “I was recovering from cancer surgery, and found it was just what I needed to heal.  The floodgates of creativity opened, and Linda Lee Jewels was born. Being a limited release and one-of-a-kind jewelry house, being able to work from home to be there for my special needs son, the youngest of my two sons, is a good fit for me. My motto for my company is:

Rich Interesting Timeless Elegance – Simply RITE!
You could say that is my design philosophy as well.  No matter if I am designing for a man or woman, if it’s a funky piece of jewelry or a simple piece, expensive or easily affordable, there will always be a touch of… Rich Interesting Timeless Elegance in it. I bring my love of colour and texture and the combining of the two, to each piece that I create.”

Seen here, a doubled necklace of freshwater pearls and faceted black onyx stones embellished with three sliced black diamond beads. $1750. Earrings: 21.5mm baroque pearls $500.

You can find Linda Lee Jewels here and here.

Linda Lee Jewels



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