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Jewel of the day: Beatrixbell Landscape Amethyst Pendant

Beatrixbell is an interesting design outfit. They describe themselves as, “a little design studio located on the banks of the Mississippi River in New Orleans, Louisiana. Beatrix creates each piece with skillful craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. In the studio you can find her wire wrapping, hammering, soldering, sawing and enameling. She pairs mixed metals with exotic stones, rich patinas and vintage elements to create unique and unexpected designs.

With a strong commitment to Made in America, Beatrix sources American-made components for all her designs. All of her findings and raw materials (wire, sheet metal, chain clasps etc.) are manufactured in the United States. Beatrixbell Handcrafted Jewelry can be found in gift shops and boutiques nationwide, as well as art shows and music festivals.”

The pieces have a pretty, boho vibe. This necklace is made with a slice of amethyst set in gold filled base metal, and sells for a wallet-friendly USD$56.

Beatrix Belle Landscape Amethyst Necklace


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One thought on “Jewel of the day: Beatrixbell Landscape Amethyst Pendant

  1. I wish my local Jewelry Store carried more earthy pieces like this!

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