Jewel of the day: Jewelbots Bracelets

In the event you thought wearable tech was limited to measuring activity and general fitness, think again. Wearables are in their early days, and focused on bringing the wearer an array of information. These Jewelbots are are a crowdfunded project (Kickstarter resale) designed to teach girls how to code.

The site notes, “Jewelbots are programmable friendship bracelets for teens and pre-teens. Right out of the box, girls can easily program the bracelet to light up when their friends are near or send messages to a buddy across the classroom. These are not just pretty jewelry, they are a powerful communication tool. Jewelbots use bluetooth to communicate with each other, and can be used with or without a phone. Girls can sync their Jewelbots with their friends, or program them with the Jewelbots app. Using basic if/then statements, girls begin to learn the fundamentals of computer science while engaging with their friends and expressing themselves. For those girls who want to continue to build upon their programming skills, they can use the Arduino IDE, and make the bracelets do whatever they can imagine. Jewelbots are open source, so for the curious tinkerer, they offer the perfect platform to explore what is possible with wearable technology communication. Light up when they get an Instagram follower, or when they get a text from mom, or their favorite show is about to start.”

So in addition to teaching programming skills, kids can now use technology even better to ignore their parents. (I kid!)

Prices for Jewelbots start at USD$69. You can learn more about them here.

Jewelbot bracelet


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