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Jewel of the day: Boucheron Nuri the Cockatoo Pendant

I am guessing that if you have money to burn on jewelry, you are exactly the target audience for this pendant by Boucheron. Once you’ve bought your important diamonds/stones, iconic designer and statement pieces, but you still crave a little something something, well, a cockatoo pendant looks awfully good.

I think it’s adorable – two 18k rose gold birds set with tsavorites, diamonds and sapphires nestling on a little gold swing. There is a decent stone weight in this piece: orange sapphires totalling 0.61 carats; yellow sapphires weighing 0.42 carats; pink sapphires weighing 0.29 total carats; tsavorites at 0.45 total carats; with what looks like a single cut white diamond of .01 carats as one bird’s eye.

It sells for USD$11,700, thus bringing me back to my original point. If I had $12k to spend on jewelry, I’m thinking of a few other things I’d be looking at before this, pretty as it is.

Boucheron Nuri the Cockatoo Pendant


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2 thoughts on “Jewel of the day: Boucheron Nuri the Cockatoo Pendant

  1. This is beautiful, and not just visually. 🙂

    But good heavens at the price! I’d be able to take several vacations with that kind of money.

  2. intotemptation on said:

    Agreed. I can see spending this much on jewellery – just not this piece.

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