Jewel of the day: Show the Love “She Believed She Could” Heart Necklace

Show the Love Jewelry is available from The Giving Tree; the site introduces the designers behind the label this way: “Jen Pleasants and Amy Salisbury are the women behind Show The Love. They are hoping to grow their little company into one that uplifts the lives of millions.

STL Jewelry is an external reflection of the beauty, magic and power that women possess on the inside. If women feel beautiful on the inside and out, they will receive the respect and love they deserve.

STL jewelry emphasizes positive affirmations, invokes ‘girl power’ and  is crafted with recycled metals and ethically sourced stones. We designed and named each piece to express a feeling or sentiment. Our hope is that by wearing STL jewelry, women will be inspired to ‘Show the Love’ for themselves, for others and for the Earth.”

This “She Believed She Could” heart necklace would make a wonderful gift for anyone who needs a bit of extra inspiration and affirmation. It is made with recycled sterling silver set with a sapphire, and comes with a blackened sterling silver 18 inch chain. It sells for USD$120.

Show the Love She Believed She Could Necklace


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