Jewel of the day: Pippin Vintage Victorian Slide Bracelet

Slides were a decorative piece used to secure a watch on a women’s watch chain. When wrist watches were introduced, women reused the often valuable slides as bracelet components – see, everyone old really is new again. Victorian slide bracelets are very collectible, and this is a really nice example from NYC’s Pippin Vintage.

They note, “The slides themselves all date to around 1900 and are of varying gold content. Most are 14 karat, two are 18 karat and two are 10 karat. The stones are an assortment of tiny turquoise beads, natural seed pearls, diamonds, garnets and paste. The bracelet itself was likely assembled in the 1930s when slide chains fell out of fashion. This would have been a contemporary way of repurposing the highly detailed and collectible slides.”

This sell for USD$2,250.

Pippin Vintage Victorian slide bracelet


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