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Jewel of the day: Cambridge Lover’s Knot Tiara

Not for Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, some tatty Happy New Year’s 2016 tiara. Not when she has (rather limited) access to some of the royal jewels. She caused a stir at the beginning of December when, for the first time, she wore the Cambridge Lover’s Knot tiara, closely associated with the late Diana, Princess of Wales as one of her favourite pieces of jewelry for formal occasions.

The occasion was the Queen’s annual Diplomat’s Reception. I think she should have gone with earrings closer to the lobe instead of the dangling pair she had on (they compete with the tiara in my view) but I get the impression she only has so much real bling from which to choose.

May your own new year be glittering, happy, healthy and prosperous, regardless of what headgear you choose to ring it in.

Kate Cambridge Lovers Knot Tiara


Jewel of the day: Chopard Ruby and Diamond Earrings

So if you just don’t do costume, these might be for you. By Chopard, they are part of the house’s red carpet collection and feature over 9 carats of white diamonds accented by an unknown carat weight of rubies. Setting is 18k white gold.

There is no price specified but if you are truly red carpet worthy, I am sure you can work out a deal to borrow them for the big night.

Chopard ruby diamond earrings

Jewel of the day: AMIClubwear Intricate Design Gold Dangling Earrings

Yep, that’s a kind of basic description of these earrings, but that’s ok. They are basically a nice deal at USD$14.99 (and the site offers sign-up discounts) at a time when your wallet is probably feeling kind of flat.

From AMIClubwear, they are gold tone metal, rhinestones and likely plastic “stones.” But for that price, buy some in other colours too.

AMIClubwear blue earrings



Jewel of the day: Forest of Chintz Silver Lining Brooch

So did you manage to survive the Christmas holidays with your sanity more or less intact? Great – because now it’s just the run up to New Year’s Eve that you need to manage. In the spirit of counting your blessings is this pin titled silver linings, by an Indian design company, Forest of Chintz.

It’s made of sequins, beads, chain and crystal, and sells for USD$111 from

Forest of Chintz Silver Linings Broock

Jewel of the day: Pekka Piekanen Uma Ring

In the interlude between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, it’s likely you have had your fill of tinsel, glitter, food, drink, desserts and are ready for a palate cleanser. Something, clean, modern and easy.

This ring from Finnish designer Pekka Piekanan was made in 1970 (everything old is new again, really) and is made of sterling silver. It is a size 7, and sells for USD$330 from the site

Pekka Piekanen Uma Ring




Jewel of the day: Queen Elizabeth’s Duchess of Cambridge Pearl Pendant Brooch

Queen Elizabeth delivers her Christmas speech annually, and is generally wearing one or more pieces from her personal jewellery collection. These are items that were (usually) handed down from aristocratic relatives; the Duchess of Cambridge pearl pendant brooch was owned first by Princess Augusta. Queen Elizabeth inherited it in 1953. It can be seen on pg. 133 of The Queen’s Jewels by Leslie Field, where there are photos of it being worn by Augusta; Queen Mary; and Queen Elizabeth.

Queen Elizabeth Christmas Day 2014

Jewel of the day: Epoque Fine Jewels Antique Crown Pin

Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate. If Santa left some serious pin money in your stocking, you may wish to commemorate today with this antique ruby, diamond, emerald and pearl brooch in the form of a crown. Seller Epoque Fine Jewels notes, “A gorgeous antique ruby, emerald, pearl and diamond count’s crown broochdesigned as a crown with nine natural pearls, set with rose cut diamonds, two cushion shaped rubies and three cushion shaped emeralds, mounted in silver on 18 karat gold.”

Price available on request, so I hope Santa was extra special generous to you this year.

Epoque Fine Jewels tiara pin

Jewel of the day: Rivoir Cascade Light Earrings

Nothing lights up a face like diamonds. These pretty fringe earrings (they remind me of icicles) are from Rivoir. Alas, they do not provide any actual details about the earrings (like identifying the metal or carat weight) but they do note this: inspired by London’s most luxurious district standing for endless glamor and European as well as Oriental cosmopolitanism, this diamond collection radiates a unique sense of value and international style.

If that is enough for you, these can be yours for €7.413.

Rivoire Cascade Light Earrngs

Jewel of the day: Alor Noir Bangle Bracelet

I like the Alor (and Philippe Charriol) stainless steel cable and gold pieces, because they are easy to wear and wear well. This Alor Noir cuff is made with PVD coated stainless steel cable, and the ends are accented with 18k white gold. The description says there is a diamond of .01 weight (which is essentially a tiny single cut stone, and which I imagine may be on the clasp somewhere). This piece is also available in a mix of different coloured stainless steel (and the corresponding gold accent). It sells for USD$595.

Alor Noir Bangle Bracelet

Jewel of the day: Jes MaHarry Be Brave Pendant

This is a very sweet pendant depicting a mother cradling her child. By Jes MaHarry, it is made of sterling silver and engraved on the back with the motto,I am always with you. Be brave, have courage and love life.”

It sells for USD$380 from Sundance.

Jes MaHarry Necklace Front

Jess MaHarry Necklace Back

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