Jewel of the day: Andrea Forman Phases of the Moon Pendant

California-based jeweller Andrea Fohrman has created a series of pendants under the name Phases of the Moon; they can be worn as individual pendants/charms or in groupings. You can buy them for the design, or astrological significance (the phase of the moon in which you were born), or just because.

Offered by Ylang 23, the site notes that this one is ” trimmed in white diamonds and features a first/third quarter moon in the center of the charm. Detailed in the middle of the moon is a singular white diamond sits in an engraved star. The charm measures 3/8″ in diameter and is set in 18 karat matte yellow gold. Please note that the charm is shown on one of Andrea’s 18″ chains and is sold separately.”

It sells for USD$1,080.

Andrea Fohrman Phases of the Moon necklace



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