Jewel of the day: Earthly Adornments’ Carved Aquamarine and Ruby Bead Necklace

This lovely piece from Earthly Adornments is made of vintage carved aquamarine beads spaced with ruby beads, and closed with a 14k yellow gold clasp.

The site notes, “This necklace features 41.5 carats of fancy natural hand carved aquamarine beads, 31 beads in all , slightly graduated, ranging in size from 18x10x6mm to 14x8x6mm. Natural 4mm Mysore ruby beads in groups of two provide spacers in between the aquamarine. All of these beads were imported from India in the 1970’s and are very fine. The aquamarines are a pale sea blue. Aquamarine, so called for its sea blue color is often treated with radiation to increase and intensify the color to a more intense synthetic blue. These beads have not been treated and retain their water blue color. Each bead is hand carved and therefore slightly different in size and shape from its neighbor. 14k gold pearl clasp. 27 inches long.”

It sells for USD$990.

Earthly Adornments Aquamarine and Ruby Necklace


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