Jewel of the day: Kellin Silver Obliviate Silver Bracelet

If the word obliviate makes you think of Harry Potter, you would be correct about this origins of this piece, by Kellin Silver. They explain, “Originating from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Obliviate is a term meaning ‘forget’.
Obliviate is a memory charm, resulting in the erasure of the recipients memory.”

It’s an interesting approach, since I always thought the purpose of giving a gift of jewelry was to be fondly remembered by the recipient. This piece has the following specs: sterling silvber obliviate bar bracelet; bar measures w 25mm; h 3mm; white gold vermeil on sterling silver, 19cm long (approx 7.5 inch) including 3cm adjuster ( approx 1 inch).

It sells for USD$46.

Kellin Silver Obliviate Bracelet


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