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Jewel of the day: Jorge Adeler Pearl and Diamond Earrings

Jorge Adeler is a family jewellery business, that now includes Jorge’s two daughters. These earrings are a fresh take on pearls, which can be seen as somewhat staid. They are rendered in 18kt white gold with flat freshwater pearls accented with round brilliant diamonds.

Contact the company for details on pricing.

Jorge Adeler pearl and diamond earring


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3 thoughts on “Jewel of the day: Jorge Adeler Pearl and Diamond Earrings

  1. Pearls ate never staid. They’re always magnificent and always perfect. You can wear a dimple strand just running around town doing your errands, or that same strand with a ball gown. The perfect thing. They go with everything. These are lovely, obviously more for the cocktail, ball gown look. Classically perfect.

  2. intotemptation on said:

    I agree! I used to think they were too formal but I now believe that is more an issue of the wearer than the pearls themselves.

  3. I’m glad that pearls are getting a modern twist on them. These earrings are lovely.

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