Jewel of the day: Studio Brooklyn Ilse Pendant

As many of you have probably been doing in the run up to Christmas, I’ve been shopping online more than in stores. In my wanderings, I came across a lovely site, Bibelot & Token. Full of great gift ideas (and not a few keep for yourself kind of things), the site is well worth exploring in the event Santa brought you cash instead of an adult onesie (and if so, thank God for that – who invented those things, anyhow??).

Site owner Bianca explains its genesis this way: “i love gorgeous, minimal design, and aspire to the modern, the minimal; the swell – and love nothing more than someone, (or something!) that has a sense of humour.

i’m not about to tell you to buy less, but to show you that you can buy better.

bibelot & token is packed full of housewares, accessories, jewelry, all-natural skincare lines, and curio ranging from the minimal to the whimsical; i love to source all those fab little things you can’t just find anywhere.

after many years toiling away in the copy departments of design firms and writing about style and lifestyle on the side at aweebitskint; when my daughter started school full-time – bibelot & token became a reality.

i think i’ve got a pretty swell eye for thoughtful design with a dash of humor, (just because you prefer everything in black and white doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy a hearty laugh). i’m thrilled to bring you lines like HayOYOY Living DesignHerbivore Botanicals and more –  i’m also over the moon to be the exclusive canadian retailer of brands like Stop The Water While Using Me and Louise Kragh Jewelry.

if you’ve got a burning question, need to know if something comes in a different colour, or just want to have a chat, drop us a line at”

This Ilse pendant by Studio Brooklyn is cool and chic and if you are weary of tinsel and glitter by now, it provides the perfect antidote to too much with its sterling silver chain and brass pendant. It sells for USD$142.

Studio Brooklyn Ilse Pendant


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