Jewel of the day: Anna Holland Tribal Necklace

Anna Holland’s Dorje Designs focuses on tribal elements – glass, beads, semi-precious stones and silver. She notes that she was commissioned to make a dozen pieces for the 2016 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, and this is one of those 12. Though she doesn’t know yet if it was photographed, it’s your chance to wear something a swimsuit supermodel had on without needing to potentially spray tan or diet.

She explains,” As many of you know, a number of Anna’s pieces were worn by the models in the 2009 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Magazine. They decided to have another tribal photoshoot for the 2016 issue and Anna created a dozen pieces for them. This is one of those pieces. We have no idea whether or not it will appear around the neck of one of the models in next year’s February issue – they simply don’t tell us ahead of time – but it will be much fun to check out that issue when it hits the stands.

Anna has been saving these lovely silver ball dangles from Ethiopia for years. In between are yellow recycled bottle glass beads from Ghana. All set off by some great round silver beads – we’re not sure where they were made or their age, but they’re great beads. Sterling silver hook and eye clasp.”

This sells for USD$625 and can be purchased directly from Holland’s site.

Anna Holland tribal necklace


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