Jewel of the day: Etername “Pure” Pink Sapphire Nail Ring

Jewelry of late has been moving all over the hand – rings that span more than one finger or sit just below the first joint; pieces that span the entire hand and close around the wrist; and the newer trend of nail rings. A circular band worn right around the nail. I’m all for adornment but I can see something like this being easily and quickly lost (especially if you live in a climate that requires gloves or mittens, or … well, just like to use your hands. As humans do…)

This one by Etername is pave set with pink sapphires in 18k rose gold. The site selling it,, notes, “This sleek and simple pinky ring sheaths the nail of your little finger in sparkling pink sapphires set in 18K rose gold, adding a filip of unexpected chic to whatever you’re sporting – on the hand, wrist or body.”

If you aren’t afraid to let your fingers do the walking and talking, this sells for USD$2,000. Though you might just want to ensure your insurance coverage guarding against loss is up to date.

Plukka Pink Sapphire Nail Ring



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