Jewel of the day: Nina Runsdorf Flower Art Deco Earrings

I will always love me some Art Deco, and these earrings by Nina Runsdorf make me wish I had the kind of life where you could regularly wear them.

The description notes, “These Flower Art Deco Earrings from jewelry designer Nina Runsdorf have a floral design featuring brilliant sparkle of many colors. Crafted from platinum, these flower earrings feature sapphires totaling 1.63 carats, emeralds totaling .57 carats and diamonds totaling 1.17 carats, all encrusted within a black enamel border, giving them an art deco feel. Wear these Nina Runsdorf earrings to elevate everyday looks. Approx. Measures: 3” drop. For pierced ears only. Handmade in the United States.”

They certainly would elevate your everyday look… to the point of needing a security guard.

These sell for USD$17,000.

Nina Runsdorf Deco Style Earrings



4 thoughts on “Jewel of the day: Nina Runsdorf Flower Art Deco Earrings

  1. If you like Art Deco, these are actually fairly well priced. They are newly made in the Art Deco style, but a pair from the Deco period would probably be easily triple, more if by a recognized maker like Cartier. So I would say yes, people probably do buy these – for weddings or special occasions. As for me … I can only dream of owning something like these (and I’d have nowhere really fitting to wear them!)

  2. I understand that. I hate losing things, especially jewellery, and it’s happened. It really really bugs me when it does, too.

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