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Jewel of the day: Jennifer Merchant Stripes and Dots Ring

From artist Jennifer Merchant, this ring is pretty cool: Acrylic and paper ring featuring Lichtenstein imagery, blue & white stripes, partial face, and yellow & black pattern from ‘Preparedness.’  29mm x 30mm x 18mm. Size 7 3/4.

From Merchant’s site: Jennifer Merchant Design specializes in art jewelry for the fashion conscious. Known for her innovative Layered Acrylic technique, artist Jennifer Merchant creates intriguing jewelry pieces that appear vibrant from one angle of view and transparent from another.

It’s available online from Facere Jewelry Art and sells for USD$174. The photo below shows two views of the same ring.

Jennifer Merchant ring


Jewel of the day: Huckleberry Ltd Baguette Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are a classic and a staple in most women’s jewellery boxes. They can go from demure and conservative to huge and edgy. Inside outside diamond hoops were a thing for a while (hey, I still love my pair and wear them nearly every day – sue me).

This pair by Huckleberry Ltd takes baguette diamonds and channel sets them inside 18k yellow gold hoops. Total carat weight is 1.70 and the listing on the Roseark site notes that they are sold individually for USD$7,000 each.

Huckleberry Ltd Baguette Hoop Earrings

Jewel of the day: Nora Kogan Mama Ring

So you’re feeling pressed about getting your mother something original for Mother’s Day, which is bearing down upon us. This gold and enamel “mama” ring by Nora Kogan would be a cool gift for the mother or hot mama in your life.  Kogan has become more demure, given that she used to make a derriere ring … among others.

In addition to white enamel, it also comes in orange, red, hot pink, yellow, and black. The ring itself is 10k and sells for USD$270. It can be found at Twist Online.

Nora Kogan Mama Ring


Jewel of the day: The Queen’s 90th Birthday Pearl Bow Necklace

Queen Elizabeth turned 90 years old on April 21 and there is a small range of commemorative items officially sanctioned by Buckingham Palace. I confess to having a cheesy collection of porcelain cups and mugs commemorating various royal weddings and anniversaries so I wasn’t surprised to see these, as well as plates and enamel boxes, pens, etc. I was hoping for a replica of one of her favourite pieces of jewellery but there are only two jewels on offer: this necklace and a matching bracelet.

Frankly … eh. No information on the the “pearls” (I am guessing glass but they could be freshwater; the bow is set with crystals, aka, rhinestones) or the metal used. It reminds me more of the late Diana than of Elizabeth. A bit of a shame given how many beautiful pearls items the Queen has and frequently wears.

Should you be inclined to mark this significant birthday with fake mollusk, this sells for £95 and can be purchased here.

Queen Elizabeth 90th birthday necklace

Jewel of the day: Gucci Le Marche de Merveilles Ring

This 18k gold Le Marche de Merveilles ring by Gucci is a timeless snake/serpent design, set with a diamond. I’m personally a fan of Victorian snake pieces and something with a little less polish and shine to it.

Gucci describes it this way: Our pink gold serpent ring with a star cut diamond on the head and brilliant cut diamonds for the eyes.

They go on to note it has hand-set diamonds and engraved texture detail; no price is given but it appears it can be purchased online. I am guessing it’s meant to be worn on a non-ring finger as the smallest size is a 10 and it’s showing in the women’s category.

Gucci Merveilles Ring

Jewel remembrance of the day: Walter Schluep

I did not know that Walter Schluep passed away March 23 at the age of 84 until I saw an obituary for him in the April 23 issue of the Globe and Mail. It’s detailed and well worth reading:

I feel fortunate to have five pieces by this talented designer. You can see them here.

This 18k gold necklace with an abalone inlay is one of my favourites; it can also be worn as a brooch and the unique rectangular chain feels substantial in the hand.

schluep necklace

Jewel of the day: Sabine Getty Memphis Wiggly Bracelet

Well, this is fun. Sabine Getty’s bracelet, dubbed Memphis Wiggly at Colette (which sells it) looks more to me like an octopus than anything related to the Memphis design movement. It’s made of 18k yellow gold and nearly 30 karats of blue topaz. If it was in stock (you can ask to be notified when it comes in again) it would set you back €15,400 (good news: non Europeans pay only €12,833.33 as it’s less the VAT).

A bit about the line: Sabine Getty is a jewelry line based in London, and founded by Swiss born Lebanese-Egyptianjewelry designer Sabine Ghanem. Growing up between Geneva, Beirut and the South of France, the designer studied theatre and opera before switching to gemology. Inspired from Italian postmodern art collective the Memphis Group, the collection shows crayola-colored topaz pieces with a contemporary feel that will be adored by the fashion sphere.

Sabine Getty Memphis Bracelet

Jewel of the day: Carbon and Hyde Pasha Hyde Choker

They’re back! Chokers, that is. Perfect to grace the swanlike necks among us, the choker wafts in and out of fashion. In at the moment, it appears.

This one, from Carbon and Hyde, is dubbed the Pasha, and their description is great: Fashionable enough to make you feel like Cher from Clueless, the Pasha Hyde Choker defies anything basic (Ugh, As If!). Includes a diamond pear shape charm dangling from a soft cowhide leather and custom gold endings. A cool blend of gold and diamonds without being too over the top.

It fits a 14-16 inch neck (I don’t know about you but that’s one body measurement I’ve never taken and am happy not to have to wonder ‘Does this make my neck look fat?’)

This sells for USD$1610.

Carbon and Hyde Choker

Jewel of the day: Disa Alsopp Chunky Gold and Ruby Band

Though I love the precise and refined lines of Art Deco or Edwardian jewellery, and the bold clean line of abstract pieces from the last century, there is a lot to be said for rough hewn and chunky pieces.

This ring by Disa Alsopp fills the bill: an 18k yellow gold band set with seven rubies. A bit about the designer from Twist Online, which sells Alsopp’s work: After moving to London from her native Barbados and receiving both undergraduate and graduate degrees in jewelry, art and design, Disa Allsopp began her striking jewelry collection. It is inspired by the ancient designs of the Etruscans, Egyptians and Greek and Roman civilizations. She uses traditional techniques such as forging, reticulation and patination to produce her unique finishes to the 18K gold and sterling silver. Inspiration from her travels to East Africa and her origins in Barbados can be seen in her use of vibrant gemstones. Her use of shimmering diamonds set on unique, wrapped bands make Disa’s work modern, timeless and edgy. Her collection is individually hand-crafted in her London studio.

This sells for USD$4650.

Disa Alsopp Chunky Gold and Ruby Band


Jewel of the day: Free People Outlaw Seed Bead Cuff

Speaking of tribal, which we were yesterday, it’s apparently nearly festival time, in which privileged young people pretend to be itinerant poor people and dress as throwbacks to the 1960s. In keeping with this ethos, Free People offers you the right accessories for your festival, pretend you love Port-A-Potties look: the seed bead cuff bracelet. It sells for a wallet friendly USD$28 apiece, so you can do your best Wonder Woman impression while picking your way through the mud. Faux tattoos optional. Peace and love, y’all.

free People outlaw seed bead cuff

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