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Jewel remembrance of the day: Walter Schluep

I did not know that Walter Schluep passed away March 23 at the age of 84 until I saw an obituary for him in the April 23 issue of the Globe and Mail. It’s detailed and well worth reading:

I feel fortunate to have five pieces by this talented designer. You can see them here.

This 18k gold necklace with an abalone inlay is one of my favourites; it can also be worn as a brooch and the unique rectangular chain feels substantial in the hand.

schluep necklace


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2 thoughts on “Jewel remembrance of the day: Walter Schluep

  1. anna Kaufer on said:

    Hello, Thought you’d like to see this: I’ve known Walter Schluep for many years and I am privileged to consider him a friend!

  2. Those are really wonderful pieces; my condolences on the loss of your friend. His work was really outstanding and I feel very lucky to have the few pieces I own. Thank you for sharing this.

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