Jewel of the day: The Queen’s 90th Birthday Pearl Bow Necklace

Queen Elizabeth turned 90 years old on April 21 and there is a small range of commemorative items officially sanctioned by Buckingham Palace. I confess to having a cheesy collection of porcelain cups and mugs commemorating various royal weddings and anniversaries so I wasn’t surprised to see these, as well as plates and enamel boxes, pens, etc. I was hoping for a replica of one of her favourite pieces of jewellery but there are only two jewels on offer: this necklace and a matching bracelet.

Frankly … eh. No information on the the “pearls” (I am guessing glass but they could be freshwater; the bow is set with crystals, aka, rhinestones) or the metal used. It reminds me more of the late Diana than of Elizabeth. A bit of a shame given how many beautiful pearls items the Queen has and frequently wears.

Should you be inclined to mark this significant birthday with fake mollusk, this sells for £95 and can be purchased here.

Queen Elizabeth 90th birthday necklace


2 thoughts on “Jewel of the day: The Queen’s 90th Birthday Pearl Bow Necklace

  1. I agree – fairly sure these are glass pearls too. I think it’s disappointing given the gorgeous jewels owned by the royal family. I would think there is something that speaks more eloquently of Elizabeth than this, which looks like something a younger woman or girl would wear if pearls were called for.

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