Jewel of the day: Wolfgang Vaatz Ring

Wolfgang Vaatz considers his contemporary jewellery as wearable sculpture. He writes, “All jewelry is original, hand made, one of a kind art work, using natural stone that always varies in appearance and reflects our wonderful natural world. All metal work is fabricated, shaped, forged, hammered, carved & engraved, soldered and fused. The main metal is sterling silver or argentium silver, often with gold fused: 14k – 22k and environmentally friendly hand panned gold, mainly from CA or AZ. Only natural facet cut stones, no lab or synthetic stones, are used which are cut by others. I do not purchase diamonds because of the diamond industry’s artificially inflated prices for a non-rare gemstone and partially environmentally unethical mining practices. However, I accept commissions with provided stones, such as heritage diamonds. All cabochons or carved stones are prepared and completed by the artist; I cut, carve, and polish shapes from roughs. I mainly use minerals and stones from the Southwest and Namibia. These minerals are obtained directly from the miners or from authenticated sources which is confirmed in certificates, provided to clients. The carved stone or the process of carving the stone serves as inspiration for the entire piece. With the mineral works, I strive to reveal and support the color and pattern of the stone, discovering a naturally created “painting”. ‘Color and pattern’ is removed while cutting the stone to shape the object and to expose carefully and clearly the composition. With the metal works, the inspiration is derived from the natural landscape and my experiences within it. Being a painter and sculptor, I play with asymmetry and color contrast, however achieving a well balanced composition with a calming zen-like effect. All of my wearable art emphasizes a sculptural feel. Each piece is created to engage the wearer and the viewer in a dialogue.”

This ring is made of massive cuprite/ chrysocolla from Milpillas, Sonora, MX and partly oxidized sterling silver, with a 6 mm peridot.

Contact the designer for pricing info.

Wolfgang Vaatz ring


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