Jewel of the day: Peg Fetter Street Cleaner Bands

This ring by metalsmith Peg Fetter is steel with gold; it is 14 mm wide and is a custom order. Fetter’s bio notes, “A native Charlestonian (Sullivan’s Island), Peg Fetter moved to St. Louis to attend Washington University to study metalsmithing with Heikki Seppa. She received her MFA from Washington University and her BFA from Winthrop University in Rock Hill S.C. Because of her love of the medium, she teaches metalsmithing at several institutions: Craft Alliance, St. Louis University, and Fontbonne University, where she started the small metals/metalsmithing program and was the 2010 adjunct instructor of the year. Fetter also teaches workshops around the country focusing on a technique utilizing steel and precious metal. Fetter’s work combines the rawness of steel with the elegance of gold; the juxtaposition of the two elements creates the perfect foil. The jewelry looks delicate but is very strong because of the industrial materials.”

You can find out more about her on her website here.

Peg Fetter Street Cleaner bands


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