Jewel of the day: Iccha Jewelry Persuasive Love Necklace

This limited edition piece, dubbed Persuasive Love, is by Toronto-based jeweller Joti Gill , who designs under the name Iccha Jewelry.

She notes, “Loosely translated as “desire” in Sanskrit, Iccha is a mantra for listening to your heart and following your passion. It’s the driving force behind the classic yet modern creations from fine jewelry designer Joti Gill.

Meticulously crafted using precious metals and genuine gemstones, including diamonds, sapphires, rubies and 14- and 18-karat gold, Iccha Jewelry’s women’s and men’s collections are inspired by Gill’s personal relationships, her lifelong love of antiques, her passion for travel and the traditional fabrics of her Indian heritage.

Working out of her Toronto studio, Gill, who trained in Toronto and Brooklyn before launching her line in 2014, uses a mix of modern and traditional techniques, including hand carving, auto-cad and repurposing vintage jewelry, to create her unmistakable style—a mix of old-world romance and contemporary elegance.

Iccha’s fine jewelry represents attainable luxury that stands the test of time—instant heirlooms to decorate a life lived with passion and grace.”

This piece is available in terling silver or gold plated sterling silver with a hidden blue, yellow or pink sapphire at the base of the pendant and two hanging sapphires. It is 28 inches long and pricing starts from CDN$170.

Iccha Jewelry


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