Jewel of the day: Victorian Coral, Pearl and Gold Demi-Parure

In honour (yes, with a u) of Victoria Day, which I believe only Canada still celebrates, a demi-parure of Victorian jewelry. And it’s not a mourning set – which is a bit rare.

For sale by Rive Gauche Jewelry via 1st Dibs, his set comprises screw back earrings and a pin, with the coral meant to look a bit like a chrysanthemum.

The seller explains, “Victorian 18 karat yellow gold pink coral pearl and rose diamond brooch and ear pendants compose this charming and rare demi-parure. The floral design consists of multiple finely hand carved coral petals which are set on to a back of gold. In the center a small circular gold setting holds tiny seed pearls with one rose cut diamond in its center. The bottoms of the earrings can be detached if one wants to wear them in a shorter version. The pin on the back of the brooch is stamped with a French eagles head for 18 karat gold. All this is fit into an original box from the period. A true collector’s item which can also be worn to that special occasion.”

This sells for USD$4,500. And I hereby declare Canadian cottage season officially open. Get your 2-4s and raise a glass to Vicky.

1st Dibs Victorian Parure


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