Jewel of the day: Kit and Ace Iconic Charm

The Kit and Ace brand is a kind of stepchild of Lululemon Athletica (through family and not corporate connections). They work a lot with a fabric they dubbed technical cashmere (a cashmere blend that can be machine washed). I wasn’t aware that they also sell jewelry.

This charm, which mimics their logo, can clip onto any matching bracelet you might have but is shown with a mala bead type bracelet. it is made of rose gold plated sterling silver and set with diamonds, and sells for USD$58 (and interestingly, CAD$98 which is a pretty hefty markup even given the weaker Canadian dollar … and the fact that this is a Canadian company).

Kit and Ace pendant


4 thoughts on “Jewel of the day: Kit and Ace Iconic Charm

  1. Seriously? $58? I don’t think so. I’m not quite sure I’d pay $8 for it. I think if companies want us to wearing their marketing logos they should be paying us. 😀

  2. I could see selling something like this if your company’s brand/logo is fairly well-known but I agree – not a fan of wearing a company’s branding and having to pay for the privilege. At least this one looks a bit like an I and less like a logo that is instantly recognizable, their efforts notwithstanding!

  3. A lot of jewellers moved to gold plate over base metal or sterling (or just to brass or bronze) when the price of gold skyrocketed in 2011-2012. I haven’t seen fine jewellers lowering their prices after successive increases to account for the rising price of bullion either. So it may just be that they’ve gotten used to making jewellery more cheaply.

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