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Jewel of the day: Vintage wedding band

Today would have been my parents’ 65th wedding anniversary. Though they didn’t live to see that, they did make it to their 34th.

My mother’s 1951 wedding band was white gold with orange blossoms, their centres set with small diamonds. This slender band is vintage and from Leigh Jay Nacht in NY; it appears to be white gold and is set with seven diamonds. It was lovingly worn, softening the etching to a memory around the band. It sells for USD$375.

Vintage wedding band


Jewel of the day: Amy Zane Stalactite Necklace

Well, I definitely do not have any stalactite’s in my collection, but that may be something I should remedy.

This fabulous pendant necklace is offered by Amy Zane. In the seller’s words, “This astounding and very substantial piece of light purple and green amethyst grew “inside-out,” and as a stalactite. The pattern is stunning, the quality is amazing. The true colors are that of the picture with the pendant on the hand.

This substantial pendant measures 3.5 inches (8.9 cm) long by about 2 inches (5 cm)wide. The sparkling sterling hybrid chain connects a larger flat hoop chain to a medium hoop chain via several metallic silver Swarovski crystals, so the chain is in turn a lighter chain and a heavier chain. It is adjustable up to 20 inches, and is finished with a sterling clasp and Amy Zane tag, and another Swarovski crystal.”

This sells for USD$320.

Amy Zane Amethyst Stalactite necklace

Jewel of the day: Baublebar Peacemaker Ring

Rings that encompass two or more fingers (and/or the palm of the hand) aren’t new, but this one has a sweet and delicate charm. By Baublebar, it’s dubbed the Peacemaker Ring, and is gold plated metal set with crystals.

If you want to indulge in a trend but not dip too heavily into your bank account, this is perfect, at USD$32.

Baublebar Peacemaker Ring 2 Baublebar Peacemaker Ring1

Jewel of the day: Selda Okutan Prisoners of Love Ring

There is a lot of dubious jewelry online, and Etsy is no exception. Which is why it’s such a thrill to come across a designer who has a fresh and interesting perspective, and can execute it beautifully. This ring, dubbed Prisoners of Love for obvious reasons, is by Turkish jeweller Selda Okutan.

This ring is made of oxidized sterling silver; the two figures are gold plated. It sells for USD$167. Check out the rest of the Etsy shop; there are a lot of wonderful, intriguing designs, very affordably priced.

Selda Okutan Prisoner's of Love Ring Selda Okutan Prisoners of Love ring overview

Jewel of the day: Alexis Bittar Limited Edition Chalcedony and Crystal Locket

Even though I never want to put anything inside them, I am a sucker for lockets. I just ike the potential of having a place to keep small, dear secrets.

This locket is by Alexis Bittar, who is perhaps better known for his cool contemporary acrylic pieces that are often large and bold, though this has his characteristic look. This locket is a limited edition and available in three stone styles. This features chalcedony and Swarovski crystal. It sells for USD$275.

Alexis Bittar Locket

Jewel of the day: Ross-Simons Cultured Pearl and Diamonds Earrings

Pearl is June’s birthstone, and June is the month beloved by grads and brides. So it’s a match made in jewelry heaven. These pretty earrings would make a great wedding, grad or just because gift. From Ross-Simons, they feature freshwater pearls that are 6.5-7mm, and surrounded by a half halo of .25 carats total weight of white diamonds. As of this writing they were on sale for USD$296.25; regular price is $395.

Ross Simons Pearl and Diamond Earrings

Jewel of the day: J. Crew Pave Drop Earrings with Faux Tortoise

J. Crew has had a long run as a go-to for current, fun and not too expensive jewelry to jazz up your wardrobe. These earrings combine the fun of crystals (aka rhinestones) with resin “tortoiseshell” petals, mixing contemporary and classic. These look more like fall than summer to me, but whatever floats your accessory boat.

They sell for USD$88.

J Crew Pave Drop Earrings

Jewel of the day: Medieval Duchess of Lancaster Sapphire and Gold Poesy Ring

I did a bit of a double take when I read that this rather contemporary looking ring is actually from the 1400s. It belonged to the Duchess of Lancaster and she has an interesting history. Being sold on 1st Dibs by London-based Berganza, they give a lot of detail about her history, and the likely provenance of the ring: Set centrally with a cabochon sapphire in a closed back cutdown setting with an approximate weight of 2.00 carats, to a ridged band with trumpeting shoulders decoratively enhanced with finely carved flowers and foliage, and with ornate blackletter ‘alas for fayte’ inscription to the interior of the bezel.

Tested yellow gold, circa 1360-1400 AD, accompanied by an X-ray fluorescence analysis report stating the composition of the metal and further documentation relating to the provenance of the ring. Reputedly gifted by John of Gaunt (1340-1399) to his mistress and subsequent wife, Katherine Swynford (1350-1403). John of Gaunt was the third son of King Edward III. A member of the Order of the Garter and titled Earl of Lancaster, generous land grants meant that he was one of the richest men of his day. Originally appointed as governess to the children of John of Gaunt and his first wife, Blanche, Katherine subsequently entered in to a love affair with John.

The affair lasted for many years and produced four children. The couple eventually married in Lincoln Cathedral following the death of John’s second wife in 1394, thus legitimising their offspring. The remains of Katherine and her daughter Joan were later interred there, although their tombs were damaged during the English Civil War. Illustrious descendants of the couple include George Washington, James Monroe, Alfred Lord Tenyson and HRH Elizabeth II.

ohh The inscription ‘alas for fayte’ is otherwise unrecorded in rings of this period, and is likely to have been intended as an ironic comment on John and Katherine’s illicit love affair. The inscription forms an amusing juxtaposition with the sapphire – a stone that was associated with the preservation of chastity. The finely engraved foliate sprays, formerly enhanced with enamel, are indicative of early 15th century rings of this type. The unusually formed claw and cutdown setting is reminiscent of a turquoise-set ring from a similar period in the British Museum.

This sells for USD$81,757.84.

Duchess of Lancaster ring


Jewel of the day: REX, LEX, LUX, DUX Pendant

This unique and unusual pendant is offered by London-based antique jewellery dealer N. Bloom and Son. They describe it this way: The meaning of this unusual late 19th century pendant cross is at first unclear, and had not been worked out by the dealer I bought it from. From my grammar school education, I knew that Rex,Lex,Lux,Dux is Latin, and can be taken to have a Christian meaning ‘My King, My Law, My Light, My Leader’ and appears in various arrangements of the words as the motto of several American colleges – Yale, Talladega College, Alabama, Idaho College, and The Order of St Luke the Physician.

Whatever the arrangement of the words, they centre on ‘X’ the Greek ‘Chi’ the first letter of Christ’s name in Greek. The cross tests as 15ct, and is in cloisonnée dark blue and mottled white enamel. The back is completely plain. The cross is just over 1 1/4 inch:33 mm across the arms.”

It sells for £1,200.

Rex Lex Lux Dux Pendant

Jewel of the day: Summer Solstice Locket

The great thing about jewellery: there’s an opportunity to commemorate just about anything. I mean, why have a Summer Solstice 2016 t-shirt when you can have a locket?

This locket is available on Etsy from seller Valley Girl Designs. I’m guessing this is silver plate or pewter, though the seller describes it this way: This antique silver locket has a beautiful Summer Goddess reading a book centered on the front of the locket. She has lovely flowers surrounding her. LItha, Summer Solstice. I have attached this locket to the chain with a pretty Victorian floral connector. This beautiful antiqued silver chain has oval links and measures 24 inches and has been finished with a silver toggle clasp. The locket measures 2 inches in diameter, it holds two pictures and opens from the top.”

It sells for USD$34 and the site has a lot of other pretty and affordable lockets from which to choose.

Summer Solstice Necklace

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