Jewel of the day: Annoushka Mythology Love Necklace

Annoushka Ducas founded and then sold Links of London, and frankly, a lot of the whimsy and charm of the line went with her. She moved on to found Annoushka, which showcases what she does best: taking jewellery and pulling out its talismanic elements to create something the wearer connects with, and can personalize.

This Mythology necklace is embellished with clip on charms, which can also be purchased separately. The site explains, “A beautiful layered Mythology necklace created in 18ct yellow gold and diamonds encompassing intricately crafted amulets filled with sentiment and love. With large links designed to hold a selection of adorable amulets, this necklace is both versatile and unique. A highly polished texture and a total length of 70cms, this chain is easily re-sized with the added element of an 18cm bracelet chain that is combined within and can be removed to shorten. Inspired by nature, childhood memories and the world around her, Annoushka conceived Mythology ensuring that each amulet is perfectly individual. Note: this item is made to order, the pendants may be permanently attached.”

As shown, it sells for £16,385.

Annoushka Mythology Love Necklace


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