Jewel of the day: Jarin Kasi Trembler Flower Brooch

This brooch by Jarin Kasi comes by way of the fabulous Erik Yang and his site The Lush Life Antiques. Go browse it and I will be amazed if you can’t find something you love and have to own. I know some of my most cherished and rare pieces came from Erik.

This pin is sterling silver set with cubic zirconia. I have a few Jarin pieces and the workmanship is really top-notch. Erik’s description of the brooch: This absolutely amazing brooch was designed by renowned contemporary costume jeweler, Jarin Kasi. The oversized pin measures 4 3/4″ long x 3 1/4″ wide and is hand crafted from sterling silver with an oxidized finish. The front is elaborately done with hand set CZ crystals, and each flower is mounted on a spring giving this pin an incredible kinetic look. The reverse has a double pin stem assembly and it’s signed “Jarin” on an applied plaque. Although contemporary, this piece is made almost identical to 19th century “en tremblent” pins I’ve owned in the past. It’s a show stopping addition to any collection.

It sells for USD$1,300.

Jarin Kasi Flower Spray


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