Jewel of the day: 16th Century Spinel Ring

1st Dibs has become the home of some interesting and rare items, posted by dealers all over the world. This renaissance ring features a spinel diamonds. The seller, Lond0n-based Berganza, notes, “Renaissance spinel and diamond ring. An impressive 16th century ring, set with a rectangular table cut natural unenhanced spinel in a closed back rubover setting with an approximate weight of 1.50 carats, further set with two square table cut diamonds in closed back cutdown settings with a combined approximate weight of 0.30 carats, to a raised box shaped central collet with fine scalloped double arches and pelleted border to base, triangular decoration to the underside and flanked by ornate carved shoulders with scrolling flourishes, all with traces of red, yellow and white enamel intact, and leading through to a solid tapering D-shape shank. Tested yellow gold, approximately 11g in weight, circa 1550 AD, accompanied by an Oxford Labs X-ray fluorescence analysis report stating the composition of the metal. The term ‘ruby’ in the Medieval and Renaissance periods encompassed a number of red stones, including garnet and spinel. These red gemstones were highly valued for their magical qualities and were believed to protect the wearer from dangers such as the loss of land and rank or status and were valued for these talismanic powers as well as for their colour and beauty.”

This sells for USD$48,871.39.

16th Century spinel ring


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