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Jewel of the day: Antique Russian Peridot Earrings

Peridot tends to be overlooked in favour of the more dramatic green gemstones, like emerald. The United States is actually the world’s largest producer of peridot, with China and Pakistan nipping at its heels for that title.

The pale green stone, also called olivine, is the official August birthstone. Better late(ish!) than never. (It’s also a traditional 16th anniversary gift.)

These lovely antique earrings are made with round peridots with a garnet centre, set in 14k rose gold. Seller Romanov Russia notes, “The 14K rose gold earrings are set with 14 sparkling apple green Russian peridots of consistent color. The earrings were made in Moscow between 1899 and 1908. Diameter 15 mm (5/16 in.) Marked with 56 zolotnik old Russian gold standard (14K) with initials of Moscow assay master Ivan Lebedkin and makers’ initials ‘MK’ and ‘??’”

Contact the seller for price.




Jewel of the day: Jaubalet Judith Lacquer Solitaire Ring

Place Vendome-based Parisian jewellers is bringing a twist to the classic diamond solitaire: coloured lacquer. Dubbed the Judith, you can actually change the colour of the lacquer should you tire of it over time. The site notes, “For the creation of this solitary ring, Maison Jaubalet Paris wanted to associate the traditional lacquer technique with tradtional know-how and a contemporary design. Use the color chart (Download the color chart as a PDF) to select the color of the lacquer and phone a Maison Jaubalet Paris assoicate at +33 (0)1 53 45 54 10 to communicate your choice. The color can be changed as often as you wish over time. Now just select the diamond of your dreams!”

Price depends on how the piece is customized; you can see more here.

Jaubalet lacquer ring

Jewel of the day: The Metropolitan Museum of Art Rosemary Necklace

This is kind of cool piece, especially for a museum shop. I find they tend to represent grander motifs or copies of items in their collections while this piece from NY’s Metropolitan Museum of Art is a bronze sprig of rosemary suspended on a freshwater pearl chain.

The museum notes, “Celebrating the beauty of the natural world, this piece highlights the pure elegance of unadorned herbs, shrubs, berries, and leaves—from fragrant rosemary and eucalyptus to the majestic oak. It recalls the verdant gardens at The Cloisters, the branch of the Metropolitan Museum devoted to the art and architecture of the Middle Ages. Places of beauty and contemplation, the three enclosed gardens at The Cloisters contain more than 300 species of plants, which illuminate the important role that plants played in medieval art and life—from the medicinal to the allegorical.”

This sells for USD$145; $130.50 to members.

Metropolitan Museum Rosemary Necklace

Jewel of the day: Dries Van Noten Faux Pearl Embellished Necklace

Yep, it’s another choker, this time from Dries Van Noten. The piece, “is studded with faux pearls in an array of sizes for subtle contrast. The choker-style piece looks stunning worn with up-swept hair.”

It looks to me as though it sits a bit oddly but it’s definitely a different take on both pearls and chokers.

The piece is made of brass and acrylic, and sells for €645.

Dries van Noten choker 1 Dries van Noten choker 2

Jewel of the day: Saint Laurent Rubans Clip Earrings

Yves Saint Laurent is, sadly, gone. As is his first name on his namesake line. Now known merely as Saint Laurent they’ve had a run of renewed popularity lately in the accessories arena (mostly with bags).

These earrings are a cross between 80s Studio 54 (when there was still a Y in SL) and the working girl matte gold of the 90s. Put them together and they make a great pair of wearable earrings with a designer pedigree.

However, pedigrees come with a price and these are retailing for USD$1,095.

Saint Laurent Rubans Clip Earrings

Jewel of the day: Jason Wu Choker Pearl Necklace

One of the favourite designers of outgoing first lady Michelle Obama, Jason Wu recently added costume jewellery to his mix. And he’s big on pearls for fall 2016 (and I can’t believe it nearly IS fall.)

This clean and understated choker (there’s that trend again) “fastens” with a single offset pearl. Simple and effective.

This sells for USD$875 from Wu’s site.

Jason Wu Pearl choker

Jewel of the day: Polly Wales Ourika Shield Ring

I am obsessed with one day owning a piece of jewellery from Britain’s Polly Wales, preferable one of her rings. Though I am fascinated with the bands, I would happily take this, dubbed Ourika.

Wales explains, “The Ourika Shield features a central brilliant cut aqua sapphire amid a geometric textured patterning of further rainbow sapphires and small baguette diamonds.   All stones are cast directly into the surface of this talisman-like ring.” It is shown in 18k yellow gold featuring 2.7 carats of sapphires and .4 carats of diamonds. At its widest, it is 19mm, tapering to 3 mm. It can be custom ordered in single colour sapphires or your choice of colour combinations.

This sells for USD$9,900.

Polly Wales Ourika Shield Ring

Jewel of the day: Gitte Soee Osiris Bracelet

Danish jewellery always seems to have a cool modernist edge to it. Well, at least the kind to which I’m drawn. (Though this Scandinavian piece apparently references the Egyptian pyramids – go figure.)

This bracelet is in sandblasted sterling silver with a rhodium finish, and is by Gitte Soee. It sells for 415.

Gitte Soee Osiris Bracelet

Jewel of the day: Irene Neuwirth Double Pink Tourmaline 18k Rose Gold Pendant

The Los Angeles County Museum of Arts recently did collaborations with a wide range of artists to celebrate their 50th anniversary. Part of the “Wear LACMA” collection, this pendant by Irene Neuwirth is made of 6.03 carats of pink tourmalines in two shades set in an 18k rose gold pendant frame. All of the pieces in the Wear LACMA collection were inspired by pieces held by the museum. Neuwirth’s inspiration was a German enamel and jewel encrusted snuff box.

The collaboration story: Irene Neuwirth has created a pendant with two pink tourmalines (6.03 carats) set in 18-karat rose gold for Wear LACMA: 50th Anniversary Edition.Established in 2003, Irene Neuwirth is a contemporary luxury jewelry company based in Los Angeles. A Southern California native, Neuwirth naturally finds inspiration for her unique and sophisticated designs from the ocean. Her timeless statement pieces often feature bold colors and raw, unmanufactured stones. In 2014, she won the CFDA Award and the Swarovski Award for Accessory Design, and has been featured in several distinguished fashion publications such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.

Neuwirth was inspired by an exquisite snuffbox, seen here, once owned King Frederick II of Prussia. Captivating detail and astonishing craftsmanship have ensured the eternal appeal of these exquisite containers, so fashionable in 18th-century Europe.

Wear LACMA: 50th Anniversary Edition: Wear LACMA is an art and fashion project featuring limited-edition pieces created by some of Los Angeles’s top designers and inspired by the museum’s permanent collection and exhibitions. These one-of-a-kind fashion items will be sold at the LACMA stores and through with all proceeds benefiting the museum. This project was created by LACMA’s Director’s Circle.

The pendant sells for USD$2,450; for members, it is $2,205.

Neuwirth_Pink_tourmal.31931_large Snuff_Box_VandA_79f76bf1-043d-45b2-a636-b4467507353e_large

Jewel of the day: Coeur de Lion Geo Cube Necklace

Maybe this season’s hot choker trend, complete with deliberately messy strands hanging down, isn’t your thing but you want a short necklace?

Germany’s Coeur de Lion takes Swarovski crystal cubes and uses them to pretty effect. Their site notes, “he GEO CUBE classic in a particularly subtle variation – timeless design from Carola Eckrodt. Hand-finished from synthetic, coloured tiger’s eye in combination with sparkling Swarovski® crystals, delicate glass cylinders, rhinestone beads with Swarovski® crystals and real stainless steel 316L. The clasp is made of stainless steel 316L.”

These come in several colour combos; it sells for €129.

Coeur de Lion Geo Cube Necklace

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