Jewel of the day: Kauge Tiny Drop Trio Chandelier Earrings

I am guessing these hollow beads hung like small chandelier drops probably make a soft bell-like noise as the wearer walks. Which could either be very pleasant, or well, crazy making. But maybe they are silent earrings…

These are by Kauge, sold by Chicag0 jeweller Gem Jewelry and Lifestyle. They note, “A new line from renowned metalsmith Kothari, these hand made earrings are all sterling silver with a rhodium plating to ensure a tarnish free look.  The blackened silver is ruthenium plated which will, over time weather softly allowing the silver to lightly shine through over time. All the pieces are hollow, hand hammered, and constructed by gold craftsmen, who take pride in making each drop as seamless a form as possible, yet retaining the beauty of the handmade process. Extremely light and easy to wear. These measure 2cm total height with ear wire, each drop is 1cm and the width is 1.5cm.

They sell for USD$165.




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