Jewel of the day: Irene Neuwirth Double Pink Tourmaline 18k Rose Gold Pendant

The Los Angeles County Museum of Arts recently did collaborations with a wide range of artists to celebrate their 50th anniversary. Part of the “Wear LACMA” collection, this pendant by Irene Neuwirth is made of 6.03 carats of pink tourmalines in two shades set in an 18k rose gold pendant frame. All of the pieces in the Wear LACMA collection were inspired by pieces held by the museum. Neuwirth’s inspiration was a German enamel and jewel encrusted snuff box.

The collaboration story: Irene Neuwirth has created a pendant with two pink tourmalines (6.03 carats) set in 18-karat rose gold for Wear LACMA: 50th Anniversary Edition.Established in 2003, Irene Neuwirth is a contemporary luxury jewelry company based in Los Angeles. A Southern California native, Neuwirth naturally finds inspiration for her unique and sophisticated designs from the ocean. Her timeless statement pieces often feature bold colors and raw, unmanufactured stones. In 2014, she won the CFDA Award and the Swarovski Award for Accessory Design, and has been featured in several distinguished fashion publications such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.

Neuwirth was inspired by an exquisite snuffbox, seen here, once owned King Frederick II of Prussia. Captivating detail and astonishing craftsmanship have ensured the eternal appeal of these exquisite containers, so fashionable in 18th-century Europe.

Wear LACMA: 50th Anniversary Edition: Wear LACMA is an art and fashion project featuring limited-edition pieces created by some of Los Angeles’s top designers and inspired by the museum’s permanent collection and exhibitions. These one-of-a-kind fashion items will be sold at the LACMA stores and through with all proceeds benefiting the museum. This project was created by LACMA’s Director’s Circle.

The pendant sells for USD$2,450; for members, it is $2,205.

Neuwirth_Pink_tourmal.31931_large Snuff_Box_VandA_79f76bf1-043d-45b2-a636-b4467507353e_large


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