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Jewel of the day: Polly Wales Ourika Shield Ring

I am obsessed with one day owning a piece of jewellery from Britain’s Polly Wales, preferable one of her rings. Though I am fascinated with the bands, I would happily take this, dubbed Ourika.

Wales explains, “The Ourika Shield features a central brilliant cut aqua sapphire amid a geometric textured patterning of further rainbow sapphires and small baguette diamonds.   All stones are cast directly into the surface of this talisman-like ring.” It is shown in 18k yellow gold featuring 2.7 carats of sapphires and .4 carats of diamonds. At its widest, it is 19mm, tapering to 3 mm. It can be custom ordered in single colour sapphires or your choice of colour combinations.

This sells for USD$9,900.

Polly Wales Ourika Shield Ring


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