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Jewel of the day: Ashley Pittman Utamaduni Cuff Bracelet

I have a few pieces of jewellery made of horn and it’s light and easy to wear. This cuff is reminiscent of the Verdura Maltese cross bracelets, but at a much lower price point. Made with horn set with a starburst pattern of orange and green zircon and whiskey quartz it sells for USD$1,295.



Jewel of the day: Roberto Marroni Diamond Criss Cross Bracelet

If you are a less is more person, this diamond bracelet by Roberto Marroni could be your thing. Exclusive to Barneys, it is described as, “crafted of 18k oxidized white gold set with twinkling grey and white diamonds. Diamond-accented clasp, bracelet features two curved bars that cross over each other. 1.25 ct grey diamonds and .60 ct white diamonds. 18k oxidized white gold.”

It sells for USD$7,845.


Jewel of the day: Art Nouveau Enamel Pendant

The look of this pendant reminds me of Austrian and German makers of the (Art Nouveau) period, who did quite a few similar looking pieces, and were adept at enamel work. But there appear to be no markings on the silver frame. It is offered by Earthly Adornments, a fun treasure trove of jewellery, beads and plain fun stuff. They note, “Antique Art Nouveau stunning guilloche enamel scalloped pendant with sterling silver chain. The scalloped round enamel has been newly set in a prong set sterling silver backing. There are a few very tiny nicks to the enamel visible under a loupe, otherwise excellent antique condition. Pendant is 1-3/16 inches in diameter. Vintage sterling 15-1/4 inch chain and clasp.”

It sells for USD$150.


Jewel of the day: Patrick Malotki Heart Wedding Set

Patrick Malotki has interesting wedding ring options (one, dubbed Cracked, has a fine crack where the band is open top to bottom. Hey, let’s face it. No one’s relationship is perfect!)

These rings form a tiny heart when laid side to side, undetectable when worn. They can be ordered in 18k white or yellow gold, or in stainless steel. From Facere Jewelry Art.


Jewel of the day: Claude Chavent Cubes Necklace

This piece is by Claude Chavent, and features a kind of flattened 3D effect of sterling silver cubes highlighted with one in gold. About the designer: “Claude makes “extremely beautiful jewelry-small pieces imbued with meaning and mystery, sometimes pledges of love, displaying art and skill….They are not ordinary pieces, but recognizable because they are so close to their designer’s wishes that they are like a series of self-portraits, unmistakably signed…They are sublime and hieratic, light imprinted with purity and with the absolute….free of baroque ornamentation and close to the intelligent, absolute beauty of unclouded feelings and as close as possible to desire.” Henri-Michel Morat

Illusion used to not to deceive but to cause perpetual doubt is found in the astonishing jewelry of Claude Chavent. His work is a triumph of tromp l’oeil technique; he brings seeming volume and movement to forms while leaving them flat and light. He plays with optical illusions, using the contrasts of metal colors to develop virtual perspective in his dazzling, sometimes startling, jewelry. Other contrast-such as yellow and black colors, precious and base metals and refined and rough textures- are impeccably crafted from gold and oxidized iron in his designs. He uses gold, platinum, iron and silver because each of these metals offers specific properties unavailable in the others. “Chavent has a passion for the architecture, which addresses and parallels his interest in form. He creates his magnificent designs in a studio in a small village outside Montpellier in the south of France. -“ From Masters:Gold, Curated by Martha Le Van, Lark Books”

You can read more about him here.

This piece is available from Patina Gallery for USD$4,695.


Jewel of the day: Menuki Bracelet

Menuki are small ornamental pieces that used to be made as part of a sword handle as embellishment. They are usually made with either silver or a mix of silver and gold (shakudo) and are beautiful miniature works of art. I am fortunate to have two pieces: this pendant, and this bracelet.

This bracelet is offered by Robyn Buntin; it sells for USD$4800.


Jewel of the day: Bony Levy 3-Row Crossover Diamond Hoop Earrings

Bony Levy designs exclusively for Nordstrom and is known for delicate designs, usually gem set.

These earrings bring black diamonds into play with white ones in a pretty pair of crossover hoop earrings. They have .71 carats of diamonds set into 18k white gold, and sell for USD$2,995.


Jewel of the day: Karl Fritsch Ring

Karl Fritsch is a German-born jeweller who now lives in New Zealand. His pieces are somewhat fantastical and a bit more ornate than one usually sees with modernist pieces.

This ring is made with oxidized silver, rubies, sapphires and diamonds. It sells for USD$2,800.


Jewel of the day: Enamel and Rhinestone Maple Leaf Brooch

Happy first day of fall. (I’m trying and failing to be happy about it – give me summer all year round!) When I was a kid, there was one huge maple tree on our street whose leaves went bright scarlet red at the beginning of August every year. Yeah, show off! It was a really spectacular display. In its honour, here is a costume replica to mark the fall equinox.

It sells from UCanada for $9.99 (currency not indicated).


Jewel of the day: Jorma Laine Bronze Knot Bracelet

Though made in the 1970s by Finnish designer Jorma Laine, this still looks wearable and fresh today. It is made of bronze with a unique button clasp, and available from Ruby Lane seller Great Vintage Stuff. Finnish work has tended to be overshadowed by the better known Danes and Norwegians but their Modernist pieces are really intriguing and often sell for somewhat less because they are somewhat less known.

This sells for USD$125.


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