Jewel of the day: Ashley Morgan Starburst Cluster Drop Diamond Earrings

These earrings by Ashley Morgan are probably most notable because they are set with lab grown diamonds that perfectly mimic diamonds in their chemical composition. They are also Gemological Institute of America certified. So ladies and gents, these are the same thing, without of the earth as womb and miner as midwife.

You can buy these from the diamond creators, Diamond Foundry. On their website, they also showcase a variety of designs/designers using their diamonds. You can also buy loose stones.

The 411 on these, per the site: glamorous and bright, the Starburst Cluster Drop Earrings by Ashley Morgan communicate the singular elegance of precious stones with the light of its thirty-eight diamonds. The perfect addition to a night out, these dangling earrings feature round brilliants surrounded by fancy cut stones and set in recycled white gold. The setting is priced at USD$8975; contact them regarding the complete price.

You can read more about the Diamond Foundry here. This recent CNN story says the diamonds sell for between 10-15% less than DeBeers prices.

Ashley Morgan Starburst Cluster Drop Earrings


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