Jewel of the day: Mexican Modernist Sterling Silver Collar

I posted this before (years ago) but I wore it the other day and it received such a strong reaction, I thought I’d feature it again. It is a Mexican piece marked Pineda, with a some uncommon marks (nothing that corresponds to known Antonio or Sigi Pineda marks or indeed to typical/known Mexican silver hallmarking). Pineda has an odd design, in that it is a large capital P, small upper case ineda and a large A at the end. It’s light and easy to wear and certainly becomes a focal point for conversation. The pieces are hollow, which makes it light weight, but also a bit of care needs to be taken not to dent it when storing or putting on/taking off.

Still uncertain if it really is a Pineda piece, or at least a Pineda of note! If anyone cares to weigh in, I’d be very interested to hear more!



4 thoughts on “Jewel of the day: Mexican Modernist Sterling Silver Collar

  1. A nice piece and I am sure very pleasant to wear. I would be surprised if it was a Pineda piece but then, I’ve been wrong before.

    I have made several similar pieces over the years but I believe that my tubing is thicker. They are a challenge to make as bending tubing is not an easy thing, especially the thicker tubing that I use.

  2. I’d also be surprised if it’s Antonio Pineda. The hallmarks are on small applied pieces of silver at either closure end (given the tubing, I can understand why they did it this way); but the marks conform neither with Pineda’s or with the Mexican hallmarking system. It looks like there is a bell/bat mark with the number 2 in it (Pineda did not use this number). I’d be happy to photograph and send them to you if you think it would be of interest.

    1. Hmmm. Could the symbol be a fish in motion? The Dane, Poul Warmind, used a fish that could easily be interpreted as a bat and it was often followed by a number to indicate the size.
      I have several of his cufflinks and tie bars that were marked that way. Also, he tried many different styles including pop, etc.
      He would also have the specialized equipment to make these curved tubes in quantity.

  3. Pretty sure it’s the Mexican “bat” and not a fish, but I will have another look tonight. It definitely says (all in caps) PinedA, with the P and the A in larger type. And the 2 is inside the bat/bell, not next to it, I think.

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