Jewel of the day: SALTI Jewelry for Men ‘3rd Wave’ Bracelet

Here’s something for the sailing enthusiast in your life, or just someone (male or female, though it’s promoted as a men’s bracelet) who just likes a cool piece of jewellery.

Made in Halifax, Nova Scotia, this Etsy seller explains, “SALTI bracelets are the perfect casual accessory for the outdoorsy sporty guy. Especially the water enthusiasts. They are durable, comfortable and add character to your look.

As a lifelong sailor I know the toll salt water takes on ropes so I make these bracelets with only the highest quality marine ropes in the world. They will hold up very well under extreme conditons of salt water and weather. Will not rust, shrink or stretch. The stainless steel shackle is a strong marine grade and will not rust.

Choose from a variety of sizes or let me know in the notes your exact size. The sizing is length of the entire bracelet including hardware. The high quality of the ropes with their fabulous colours combine with nautical craftsmanship to create a casual substantial bracelet all guys love to wear….even guys who do not normally wear jewelry. Absolutely no hassle refunds for any reason.”

This sells for CDN$46.82.



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